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Below are some of the more common topics & questions asked about ReadyRESALE and how it can help with Estoppels, Escrow Letters, Payoff Letters, Distributing Governing Documents & Community Info and the industry of an automated document delivery system.


Automation is the future

Automation is the future and we are ahead of the curve. Let’s face it, more and more products and services are becoming easier to use through automation and integrative technologies. Here at AssociationREADY, we believe wholeheartedly that the less manual work your company has to do on a day-to-day basis, the more efficient your company will be. Our proactive approach to creating a cloud-based, automated resale document delivery system has exceeded the expectations of our clients and created a valuable and effective tool for Management Companies, Title Companies, Lenders, Attorneys and Agents alike. Through our strategic partnership with the lead-101ing accounting software provider for Property Management Companies on the market, TOPS Software, we have developed a robust integration system that will pull real-time data from your TOPS Software directly into your resale forms. Integration not only saves the document preparer time in completing the document, but it also adds an extra layer of security and accuracy by removing possible user error and yet another erroneous step in the approval process. Less is more.


Automation is the Future Now!
ender and Condo Questionnaires

Lender and Condo Questionnaires

Did you know Lender and Condo Questionnaires are company specific and can sometimes be 5 pages long?Each Lending Institution typically has a specific questionnaire in a custom format that has been approved for use. ReadyRESALE went to the source and obtained all of the specially branded Lender and Condo Questionnaires from Institutions all over the country. This means the same documents the banks use we use, too. With these bank forms becoming more and more lengthy and tedious, ReadyRESALE knows how to solve this problem. We have what is known as a built-in Learning Database that remembers your past answers and repopulates those answers into each new form automatically. ReadyRESALE also gives you editing abilities so you can put any final touches on your documents before they send out to the respective buyers. Using the ReadyRESALE service will not only save you a massive amount of time, but it will also help increase your revenue from document sales.


Distributing Governing Documents and Community Information

Distributing Governing Documents and Community Information has never been easier. Part of the closing process requires a professionally managed community, HOA, POA or COA to provide a copy of all community related documents to the new home buyer. Having to print or email pages and pages of Bylaws, CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, Budgets, Meeting Minutes, Amendments (and the list goes on), is a massive pain for front office staff. Having ReadyRESALE in place eliminates the need for your staff to send these documents out AT ALL. We will house and distribute all of your clients governing documents when a purchase of these documents has been placed. In fact, we will handle the entire process so your staff can have more time to spend on other tasks and obligations throughout the day. Let us carry this heavy work-load for you and send you a check at the beginning of each month for your sales. With all of the time you save not having to address this need, your attention can instead be focused on increasing your clientele, investing in new tech, or achieving your various company goals in a more realistic and efficient environment.


>Distributing Governing Documents and communityu information by ReadyRESALE
Housing Market Survey

2001 American Housing Survey

The Census Bureau's 2001 American Housing Survey showed that more than 7 million households — about 6% of the national total — are in developments behind walls and fences. About 4 million of that total is in communities where access is controlled by gates, entry codes, key cards or security guards… and that was way back in 2001! With ReadyRESALE Access Control Services your community can have the ability to offer these association items through your website. ReadyRESALE can be a resource for distributing gate access, visitor passes, parking permits and more!


Estoppels, Escrow Letters and Payoff Letters

Did you know that Estoppels, Escrow Letters and Payoff Letters are all the same? Your geo-location determines the verbiage used. Florida, for instance, uses the term estoppels where as in California the term escrow letter is used quite frequently. ReadyRESALE allows title companies, lenders, real estate agents, and your residents to request necessary resale and community documentation required for property closing or refinancing in a secured online environment.


Estoppels, Escrow Letters and Payoff Letters
Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud Computing

AssociationREADY has utilized Cloud Computing since 2005 - What is the cloud and what does the cloud do? Cloud offers a power means to manage and analyze huge amounts of data. It also provides a place to access the industry’s most powerful analytics tools. In fact, most, if not all, of the lead-101ing business intelligence and analytics vendors offer cloud-based versions of their tools — if not online, at least for private cloud. While only small percentages of the user bases of these vendors use cloud-based access, the numbers are increasing. Additionally, because it is cloud, and therefore highly accessible, it also enables dashboard views right from mobile phones. Furthermore, it is safe and secure - Nobody has access to your data except for you. You have complete control over who can see your data and what anybody can do with your data. Source:,


Going Paperless

Did you know that the Paperless Office concept was first introduced in the 1970’s, as a futuristic office work-style, when the first personal computers were introduced. Advances in information & communication technology has since then made the Paperless Office a feasible reality. The advantages of going paperless are many and undeniable.


Going Paperless Office Concept

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