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ReadyRESALE and Management Companies

This automated service is specifically tailored to property management companies in the HOA industry to help ease the workload and create an additional revenue stream for the business.

Our ReadyRESALE software gives title companies, lenders, real estate agents and closing attorneys the ability to request necessary closing or refinancing documentation required by law. Document and resale package orders and payments are placed in a secure online environment providing unparalleled flexibility and automation for your business. Do less work while still retaining complete control of the process. All this with ZERO set-up or out-of-pocket fees!

An automated document system helps optimize the time it takes to complete the documents and forms, which in turn increases workplace efficiency. With your management company or association using ReadyRESALE you can streamline the production of resale packages, lender questionnaires, estoppels, escrow demands and more! Take your productivity to the next level with ReadyRESALE.

The ReadyRESALE Advantage

  • By reducing staff interaction needed to continuously update time-sensitive documents, ReadyRESALE has an exclusive data interface with TOPS Condo/HOA Management Software and other leading HOA accounting software programs like Caliber Software and CINC Systems. This affords our clients with instant integration into their accounting software with a click of a button pulling over information that you already have stored. This means less work and more free time to focus on other important duties throughout the day.
  • Not only can this service be used for documents and forms, but you can also offer Access Control Items, such as pool keys, gate clickers, parking permits, visitor passes, etc., all from your very own website!
  • Organize multiple association documents into a one-stop resource for all your communities.
  • Purchasing documents has never been easier. Buyers can choose from multiple payment options directly online, through your company’s website. Documents can be accessed and downloaded for hard copy the same day as purchase.
  • Customized documents with our pre-loaded certificates and questionnaires.
  • Benefit from our most popular features such as document expiration, flexible payment options, a revenue dashboard, order notifications, shipment tracking nad much more.
  • With ZERO set-up or maintenance fees, ReadyRESALE is the best online solution for all of your property management document and item needs. Title companies and lenders pay us, and we pay you with no reduction in your profit!
ReadyRESALE document automation software for Management Companies

What our client say about ReadyRESALE.

“Prior to contracting with AssociationREADY our phones were always ringing off the hook from Mortgage Companies and Title Companies. Once we signed up with Association Ready the calls stopped and allowed our Managers to become more productive. The fact that the system integrates with TOPS makes our lives so much easier. Lender questionnaires that used to take thirty minutes to an hour for completion are now done in less than 10 minutes. I wish we had made the change a long time ago. Thanks AssociationREADY!”

Scott Headrick, Keys Property Management Enterprise, Inc.
Using ReadyRESALE on a tablet

Safe & Secure

With ReadyRESALE all your documents are stored in a fully centralized, searchable, web-based repository so your data is always at your fingertips. ReadyRESALE automates estoppel or questionnaire drafting using an intelligent learning database to ensure a fast, consistent outcome every time.

An Automated document system helps optimize the document creation process, which in turn increases workplace efficiency. With your management company or association using ReadyRESALE you can streamline the production of resale packages, lender questionnaires and estoppels, taking your productivity to the next level and even create additional revenue.

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Additional Value Added Features

Specialized web based software and products offered to ReadyRESALE clients that can cut down on time consuming tasks, speed up production and help turn your processes into profits.

Community Access through ReadyRESALE

Community Access Control

With our easy-to-use and incredibly fast software ReadyRESALE you have the ability to offer association access items, such as pool, gate or parking passes, through your company’s website. Purchasers pay for the item and then are granted access the same day! Let us ease your workload and provide outstanding customer service so you can focus on growing your business.

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ReadyRESALE CLient Referral Program

Client Referral Program

RR2, Powered by ReadyRESALE has a Client Referral Program for its existing RESALE Clients! Since we value our outstanding clients, we would like to hear about any colleagues you have that would like to join the AssociationREADY family and share our services with those that want to get in on the fun. We are offering a $25 Visa Gift Card for all qualified referrals! Learn more about this new program today!

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Are you looking for an easier way for your management company to organize, prepare and deliver documents and resale packages? ReadyRESALE will free your office staff from a time-consuming process and offer a modern, cloud-based solution. We will listen carefully to your needs and problems. Then we’ll offer up solutions you can use right away to make improvements, boost productivity and even generate new revenue. We promise not to spam you. There’s no obligation and it’s 100% FREE.

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